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All Juniors welcome! Throughout the curling season we offer curling for children of all ages. Each group develops their curling skills individually and as a team. A great way to learn about the game, meet new friends and have lots of fun.

Besides all the regular curling you will enjoy there is the competitive edge for those who want to compete in Championships. The rink usually have in-club mini competitions that run for several weeks at a time such as Robbins Opening, Our Teachers, Nabuurs Garden 2 on 2, Evelyn MacLure Memorial, Scotia Bank Little Rocks, Eastern Graphic Junior/Senior, George's Deck & Recovery

Our Junior Coordinator is Nancy Collier who is helped out by many others who volunteers their time to help out.


November 12 th Curling 101 Open House

November 18 th Junior Curl for Cancer

December 2 nd In house Cashspiel

January 14 th George's Deck

February 11 th Evelyn MacLure Memorial JR- SR

March 16 th Junior Closing

March 25 th , 2017 Provincial Little Rock Jamboree

Thanks to all the Junior Curlers who always volunteer for large events here at the club, and to the Older Juniors who help out with the Little Rock Program. All your help is appreciated and the rink couldn't do it without your help.