“A” Division
Darlene London, Janet Whiteaway, Kerwin, Patsy Hayes
Runners Up “A” Division
Marj Campbell, Kathy Clarie, Shelley Rice and Tracey MacDonald
“B” Division
June Moyaert, Whiteway, Janet Kemp, and Nadine Sutcliffe. 
Runners Up
Karen Montgomery, Tracy MacDonald, Cyndi Russell, and Lynda Turnbull
Division “C”
Karen Curroe, Valerie Acorn, Ronalda Baillie and Cyndie Cunnyworth
Runners Up
Val MacLean, Lynn Thiele, Irene MacArthur and Ann Greyhorn
Winners of the best dressed Pink Team – Passionate Pythons
Joni MacLeod, Carol Sullivan, Trenda Acorn and Karen White

Special thanks to Amie for all her help.