The Pink Ladies Bonspiels is sponsored by Second Glance Interiors, owned by Martina MacDonald. To view the winners of the 2008 bonspiels please click here.

This bonsiels is open to outside teams and we would like to thank the Cornwall and Charlottetown team for joining us again for a great fun weekend.

The Pink Lady Bonspiels winners are below. Blustery weather helped determine the winners of the Pink Lady Bonspiel. The final draws to see who the winners were was cancelled and the skips flipped a coin due to the storm.

The results ended with three sets of ties among the top eight teams.You’ll notice some of the team members are not in the photo, left early due to storm.


“A” Division
Joanne Durant, Helen Smith, Marie MacDonald, Carol Sweetapple and sponsor Martina macDonald
Runners Up “A” Division
Cheryl Dickie, Tammy Dewar, Sandra MacKay and Sharon Riley
“B” Division
June Moyaert, Whiteway, Janet Kemp, and Nadine Sutcliffe. 
Runners Up
Karen Montgomery, Tracy MacDonald, Cyndi Russell, and Lynda Turnbull
Division “C”
Karen Curroe, Valerie Acorn, Ronalda Baillie and Cyndie Cunnyworth
Runners Up
Marj Campbell, Carolyn MacPhee, Shelley Rice and Marion Trowbridge
Winners of the best dressed Pink Team – Passionate Pythons
Joni MacLeod, Carol Sullivan, Trenda Acorn and Karen White

Event Photos